Code of Integrity, Professional Conduct and Business Ethics

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IQC values ethical behaviour supported by guidelines which are an integral part and followed by all IQC members.
Code of integrity addresses many aspects such as social responsibility, honesty, truthfulness, law abiding, privacy, confidentiality, impartiality and conflict of interest.
IQC utilizes all opportunities to make positive contribution by providing impartial certification services.

Business Values

  • Fair and ethical competition
  • Discourage unethical practices
  • Avoid conflict of interest at all phases of business transaction


Health Safety

IQC is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment in all offices and in each of our activities.


Guiding Policies for Ethical Behaviour.

  • Drug and alcohol Policy
    IQC is committed to provide, reasonably practicable safe and healthy working environment.
    All employees, regardless of status, are expected to adhere to, and comply with legal requirements and policies and rules regarding the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs whilst on duty, or reporting for, duty or whilst on company or client premises.
    No drug and alcohol shall be consumed by IQC personnel while on duty. Those persons reporting for duty and believed to be under the influence of drug and/or alcohol shall be liable for immediate dismissal from services.
  • Smoking Policy
    IQC discourages all employees from smoking, use of tobacco and communicates on ill effects of smoking.
  • Communication Policy
    IQC performance is based on effective communication within the organization between functions and person to person. External communication with accreditation bodies, certification advisory committee members, clients and other interested parties are done without any delay.
    IQC communication policy encourages openness, transparency and sharing of knowledge within functions to enhance effective implementation of management system process requirements.
  • Knowledge Policy
    Acquire and share knowledge with a purpose to enhance value of services to interested parties and maintain competence of IQC members through
    a)    Training
    b)    Encourage innovation
    c)    Learn lessons from completed projects and Customers

  • Confidentiality Policy 
    Protect employees, customers and interested parties from:
    a)    Loss of data
    b)    Misuse of data
    c)    Unintentional disclosure of data
    d)    Unavailability of data
    e)    Revealing customer’s information obtained during certification process.

  • Language Policy
    a)    All communications, both verbal and written, shall be done in English. However; training may be planned in a language which is understood by majority of employees.
    b)  Policy, Objectives and Work instructions may be exhibited in a language other than English considering the requirements to improve understanding among employees and implementation.

  • Explosive Policy
    Firearms, weapons or other devices, whether loaded or unloaded, are prohibited while on company business. Personnel shall not carry, transport or display firearm, weapon or other illegal and prohibited devices.

  • Driving Ethics
    a)    Always follow local regulations for road safety
    b)    Not using hand held mobile phone while driving
    c)    Not driving under the influence of alcohol
    d)    Not smoking while driving
    e)    Respect other road users

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