Application (Client information for Certification)

Management System Standards (Accredited):*
Management System Standards (Unaccredited):
Part 1: Company Details:
Company Name:*
Name of Contact Person:
Head Office / Corporate Office:
The complete postal address.
Works address:
The complete postal address.
PO Box / Postal Code:*
Locations to be covered under scope of certification:
Type of certification request:*
If transfer certification,
Existing Certification:
Certification Body:
Details of number of employees:
Employee Description:
1.0) Total No. of Employees:
2.0) Break up of employees (as below):
Part 2: Business Information:
Details of products manufactured or services provided:*
Proposed Scope of Certification:
Complete details of manufacturing processes:
Details of processes outsourced:
Applicable statutory requirements for the product and /or service and other legal obligations:
Are the manufacturing process(es) same in all shifts?:*
Exclusion *
Any Exclusion taken for any clause(s) of ISO 9001:2008 requirements:
Does the organization utilized consultant service for development of management systems:
Complete details of:
(products manufactured/processes/Number of streams/Number of HACCP Studies, PRPs & OPRPs):
Proposed Scope of Certification :
(scope of certification will be reviewed during the assessment and may be revised, if required for clarity):
Exclusion: Any Exclusion taken for any process ISO 22000:2005 requirements: Give details
(Acceptance of exclusion will be decided during stage 1 audit):
Inclusion of any process/temporary site - give details:
Any seasonal product: give the details of seasonal products and the season:
Product development activity done: give details:
Any other information about infrastructure:
Results of any previous audits:
Inhouse testing lab is there?:
Microbiology lab is there?:
Give the details of lab setup:
Authority completing the above information:

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