Client list

R.P. Basmati Rice Ltd.AmbalaISO 9001:2008JAS-ANZDetails
Chandigarh Institute of TechnologyAmbalaISO 9001:2008JAS-ANZDetails
OCK RECYCLE SDN BHD - QMS - (4)MalaysiaISO 9001:2015JAS-ANZDetails
JVM MinechemIndiaISO 9001:2008NABCBDetails
Quality Engineering WorksIndiaISO 9001:2015NABCBDetails
Maa Durga SteelAmbalaISO 9001:2008NABCBDetails
Niyati Engineering Pvt. Ltd. - EMSIndiaISO 14001:2015JAS-ANZDetails
Surya Alloy Industries Limited (Hat - Ashuria Unit)IndiaISO 9001:2015NABCBDetails
Al Markabah Heavy and Light Equipment Co. (KSCC) - QMSEgyptISO 9001:2008JAS-ANZDetails
Al Markabah Heavy and Light Equipment Co. (KSCC) - EMSEgyptISO 14001:2004JAS-ANZDetails
Al Markabah Heavy and Light Equipment Co. (KSCC) - OHSASEgyptBS OHSAS 18001:2007JAS-ANZDetails
NMDC Limited, Vigilance DepartmentIndiaISO 9001:2008NABCBDetails
El Kamal for Industry, Trading, Textiles Industry and Garments Industry, Export and Import - OHSASEgyptBS OHSAS 18001:2007JAS-ANZDetails
General Analytical LaboratoryIndiaBS OHSAS 18001:2007JAS-ANZDetails
Wanjun Engineering SDN BHD Wanjun Precision Machining SDN BHDMalaysiaISO 9001:2015JAS-ANZDetails
Iulius Dan Security S.R.L.RomaniaISO 9001:2008JAS-ANZDetails
Lamxpert Consulting S.R.L.RomaniaISO 9001:2015JAS-ANZDetails
Alu Afric For Aluminuim Industry & TradingEgyptISO 9001:2008JAS-ANZDetails
Abu Hatim Group of Companies - OHSASOmanBS OHSAS 18001:2007JAS-ANZDetails
Thirumala IndustriesIndiaISO 9001:2008NABCBDetails


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